Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Customer's Feedback

Quite often new customers will comeby and gives good comments on our coffee.

Yestersday a customer just came back from Australia after his 5 years stay there kept calling me with great excitement saying :" How I missed Singapore Coffee, your coffee bring me back to the earlier days where coffee used to be so good!"

I asked him is Nanyang Old Coffee his first cup of Singapore coffee after his return, he said:" No lah, had one but not very good."

Customers good feedback always give me great job satisfaction and it just make my day after hearing such remarks!

Customer's responsed after the Price Raised

We expected a 10% decrease of customers after the raised but instead we have an 10%-15% increase in new customers.

We really have to thanks the regular customers for their supports and understandings. The feedback from them are they don't mind paying extra for a good coffee.

Heartfelt thanks again!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Price Increased

Our price for a Kopi O (Coffee Black) is 60 cents for a 6oz cup. But due to the increase of the coffee beans, we have no choice but to increase by 10 cents to maintain the excellent quality of our coffee.

I believe we will probably loose 10% of customers due to the raised but his is also a test of whether our customers will appreciate more of our quality coffee or just our cheap price.

Why Selling Coffee

Once there was a customer asking me why I want to sell coffee? I went blank for a while and then I realised that the answer was that simple - "Just to serve someone an excellent cup of Singapore Coffee!".

Singapore Coffee is unqiue in it own way, you can never to drink such coffee in any part of the world (beside Malaysia). The standard of Singapore Traditional Coffee is getting worse, to let everyone taste the authentic Singapore Coffee that we use to have and promote it to the rest of the world is my dream.