Friday, October 8, 2010

Touched By An Indonesian Customer

Mr Andreas Arie is a from Indonesia. He is a coffee lover who likes to go around tasting different type of coffee. Somewhere in August 2010, he came to Nanyang Old Coffee Chinatown outlet. We have a nice chit chat and I shared with him about Singapore Coffee's characteristic and uniqueness. Mr Andreas Arie know I'm crazy about coffee, few days ago he couriered 2 packs of Toraja Bali Coffee for me to taste and offers to bring me around tasting for coffee if I were to visit Jakarta Indonesia. I'm very touch of this nice gesture of a guest from Indonesia, thank you Mr Andreas Arie!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sharing My Entreprenuership with Masters-level class at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (南洋理工大学, 创业与创新硕士课程 )

It was an wonderful experience to co-teach one Masters-level class with Mr Tan Ying Lan at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (南洋理工大学, 创业与创新硕士课程 )!

The class is made up of students from China and I'm amazed with their energy and enthusiasm! Really enjoy the session and also be able to understand more about Nanyang Old Coffee exploration in China from the students.

Nanyang Old Coffee Participate in YOG 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Promising Franchisor Award 2009 Finalist

We are proud to be able to achieve "The Promising Franchisor Award" in just 2 years after our first establishment.

The Award is an recognition and motivation towards perfection!

Mini Singapore Coffee Museum

The vision of Nanyang Old Coffee is to create awareness of Singapore Traditional Coffee in Singapore and to the World! Having a Singapore Coffee Museum featuring on Singapore Coffee History and Culture allows more Singapore Coffee lovers to understand the uniqueness of Singapore Coffee compared to the International Gourmet Coffee.

The Singapore Coffee Museum is located right inside of our Chinatown Shop itself. Not only you could see and understand the history & culture, you could also smell & taste the coffee of the yesteryear!

All are welcome to visit the museum, if you need guide on the Singapore Coffee History or Culture you could email to

You could email to us too if you want to contribute your story or knowledge to our museum!

Nanyang Old Coffee @ Chinatown II

Because it is situated in a tourists attraction site, we've alot of tourists from all parts of the world that patronise us and strongly express their love of Singapore Coffee.

Tourists from Germany loves our coffee especially our Kopi C kosong. Taiwan's friends after tasted our coffee will buy 1kg of coffee powder back to their country. China presently is only at the begining stage of coffee appreciation, surprisingly many tourists from China express their liking of Singapore Coffee and some even wanted to buy franchise to setup in China!

For all the people from Singapore and any part of the world who like our coffee in Nanyang Old Coffee, we would like to send our graditude of you!

Nanyang Old Coffee @ Chinatown

Nanyang Old Coffee @ Chinatown established since November 2009. There is a mini Singapore Coffee Museum featuring the History and Culture of Singapore Traditional Coffee. The Shop gives you a nostagic and relaxing feeling which blend very well with the Chinatown itself.

268 South Bridge Road (End of Smith)

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